Heat Resistant Castings
Heat Resistance Static Castings
  • Sleeve casting, canalloy bushes.
  • Diffuser for bell type coil Annealing fumace.
  • Grids, trays for carburizing fumace.
  • Baskets for Gas carburizing fumace.
  • Rotary retort for ball hardening fumace.
Heat Resitant Grades
HD, HF,HH, Hk40,HN, HP.HT,HU,HX,50/50
R.M. is specialised in design and manufacture of Heat Treatment Fixture for Continuous Gas carburizing Furnaces, Sealed Quench Fumaces, Vacuum fumaces, Fluidized Bed Fumaces, Shaker Heath Fumaces, Heat Treatment Trays, Heat Treatment Baskets, Base Grids, Heat Treatment Work Baskets.