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We Undertake third party Insfection jobs agencies like EIL, PDIL,


Steel, Alloy Steel, CF8, CF8M, CN7M – Hest Alloy A.B.C., EN Series. MN Steel. Ni resists - Ni hard, Heat resistance grads from HA to HX range, wear resistance, S.G.IRON or Alloy confirming to any International Standards.

We have an in – house pattern shop with state-of-the art design and moulding facilities. We benchmarked ourselves in making patterns with accurate dimensions, and tolerances.

MOULDING SHOP: The moulding process is rather diversified, and depends on the design, complexity, weight and accuracy of the casting. Therefore we have pneumatic rammers and sand compactors for hand moulding, emlopying green, CO2, no bake & oil sand system enabling to meet broad range of requirement, in quality as well as in quantity.

MELTING SHOP: Equipped with “MYTIWATT” make, 150KW, medium frequency induction furnance with two crucibles 150 kg & 500 kg capacity.

FETTLING SHOP: Well equipped with heavy duty swing frame grinders, flexible shaft grinders, sanders, pneumatic chippers and so on.

CHEMICAL & PHYSICAL TESTING LABORATORY: We have an in house facility for hardness testing & an online temperature indicator for the Molten Metal. We have a strong tie – up with a reputed and accredited material testing laboratory for spectro-analysis & other physical testing.

MECHINE FACILITY: We provide machining facility with well equipped tool room which can undertake jobs proof machining to high accuracy.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Quality is the lifeline of our business, hence assurance is imbibed in our product. Foundry can be largely segregated into three cycles namely sands, boxes & metals. Quality of castings starts from order acceptance in our dictionary. While accepting order the quality plan is finalized this ensures pattern compatibility CAD/CAM designing of drawing, methoding of casting, Melting and moulding technique. Hence pattern Inspection records, method cards are prepared before actual production. Once the plan is in place the inputs are quality by fixing check parameter which is broadly convered in inspection manuals.

All Ferro alloys are checked for it chemical analysis. This is how we assure quality of the moulds and liquid metal the two prime parameters of casting quality. Checking procedures for sand preparation, moulding, coremaking, heating, coating and closing are dealt in detail in the respective manuals. Melting activity is completely covered in melting manual where chemistry is ensured by spectro analysis.

After the mould is ready Mould Inspection records are maintained which also records pouring temperature paving the way for total quality assurance of correct liquid metal transforming into acceptable castings.

The castings are inspected for dimension with sophisticated instruments ensuring dimensional compatibility.
The mechanical properties are checked with the help of Universal Testing Machine. Non Destructive Test, Ultra Sonic Test is also carried out for conformance to such requirements of the customers. The casting finish is ensured by state of the art sand blasting, shot blasting and other fettling tools for dressing.

Rajesh Metal is manufacturing wide range of Engineering and Industrial Casting application for various industries like,

  • Valve Industries
  • Pump Industries
  • Cement
  • Sugar
  • Heat – Treatment Furnaces
  • Defence
  • Marine
  • Earth Moving Equipments
  • Hydraulics
  • Automobiles
  • Power Plants
  • Petroleum, Smelting & Refinery
  • Railways
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